It’s been a long, hard year for Argies and our customers – but as we continue to move forwards we should remember how far we’ve come and also the importance of saying thank you to all the keyworkers who have got us to the point that we can all open our businesses again. I hope […]

Argies is one of South Wales best established coffee providers for workplaces, restaurants and public sector buildings, with more than 20 years experience. COVID has had a massive impact on workplaces and as many return, the old days of messy kitchens, shared spoons and grubby fridges won’t cut it in a newly hygiene conscious workplace.

Not only is S’mores Syrup delicious for drinks, these drinks taste even better when accompanied by the real thing – and even if the only campsite is your garden, these drinks and snacks are perfect. Here’s some delicious warm drinks recipes: S’mores Latte 2 x Pumps S’mores Syrup Double Espresso Steamed Milk Add Syrup and

As Autumn brings cold hands, the drink trends definitely turn more comforting and indulgent. Less sugar-free, bikini body and more all-out bring me comfort – these are the syrups you’ll see in our flavour focus (download this month’s recipe’s here: https://www.argiescoffee.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Flavour-Focus-September-2020-4.pdf) If you are looking for flavours to match the mood, these syrups are perfect

This delicious drink is absolutely perfect as autumn gives way to wetter, colder days. It’s super easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious.

Keen to play their part in keeping our customers safe, Argies staff have all successfully completed COVID-19 protection training and are able to offer advice and support to our customers as Wales returns to work. Sales Director, Jo Parry, explains: “Having proudly supplied the NHS, Police and other frontline workers throughout the pandemic, and having

The team at Argies were really pleased to receive this lovely thank you letter from Bridgend Food Bank, we were happy to support them with a donation, but did not expect a response at this time knowing the pressures they are under. It really is a testament to the volunteers that they are working so

Argies Managing Director, Phil McArdle, explains why performance, not gender, is what drives hiring decisions at Argies: I recently stumbled upon a website entitled: https://strongwomenofcoffee.com/ It’s definitely worth a read, but while I enjoyed reading about these amazing women, I am saddened that a site like this needed and it shows we have a long

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