How to look after your coffee machine

Look after your Coffee machine and it will look after you
A professional coffee machine is the beating heart of any coffee shop, so ensuring your espresso machine is properly maintained and kept in good working order will not only enhance its performance, and improve the taste and flavour of the coffee you serve but can also prolong its lifespan.

At Argie’s Coffee, we use Sanremo machines which are carefully hand-assembled and built to last. However, like any piece of machinery, they require regular servicing and occasional responsive maintenance but most important day to day TLC.

A well-kept machine delivers several significant benefits to the operator;
  1. Consistent dosing and extraction for flavour
  2. Reliable and accurate product consumption for costing models
  3. Heightened quality for customer experience
  4. Optimised speed of operation for busy queues
  5. The maximum potential of ‘up time’ and the ability to trade core coffee products
  6. Full legal, best practice, and insurance compliant
  7. From our years of experience, these were the most important things to do to keep your espresso machine in good order
  8. Clean your coffee machine correctly and regularly


Don’t compromise the taste of your coffee by skipping your machine’s daily rinse. Backflushing your Sanremo coffee machine as part of your every day cleaning routine will remove the risk of any residual coffee grounds and oils building up over time.

All Sanremo machines have an auto-clean function; clean as much loose coffee from around the group head gasket using a group head cleaning brush, load up your puly caff in the cleaning blank, lock it into your group and press buttons 5 & 1 (please note: only a pea size amount of cleaning powder is needed!).

Repeat this process a second time without Puly Caf for a final rinse. It couldn’t be easier! Do this at the end of each working day to ensure your coffee stays consistent, your machine stays healthy and your customers keep coming back.

The performance of your machine will be more reliable if you get into the good practice of alternating your usage; use all your groups and both your steam wands evenly (remember to flush group heads and purge your steam wands before and after each use). Spreading the usage evens the wear on all components and usually results in longer gaps between seeing your engineer.

Regularly check the consistency of your grind

Monitoring the coffee grounds is a very important aspect of caring for your espresso machine. If you have coffee which is too fine, you will place undue stress on the machines water pump, which provides the water pressure for extraction. This could result in burning the pump motor out and requiring an engineer visit.

Humidity, temperature and general atmospheric conditions change throughout the course of a day and coffee is especially susceptible to these changes. Keeping an eye on your grinder, and making small adjustments if necessary, will ensure your coffee stays tasting great around the clock.

Coffee Machine Maintenance

Understand the benefits of a water filter

Selecting the correct filter for your machine not only purifies and improves the overall drinking quality of the water but keeps an arch-enemy of all coffee machines at bay… limescale.

If you allow limescale to build up in your machine it can result in a reduction of steam pressure or lack of water due to blockages, amongst other issues. Check your water filter to protect your machine. We generally recommend replacing your water filter every 6-12 months, if you need any advice about which one would be best for your espresso machine talk to one of our staff!
Keep drains clear!

A good routine to get into will involve running some drain un-blocker down the waste pipe of your coffee machine on average once a fortnight. If you’ve ever had the issue of dirty water overflowing from your drip tray, most likely this will be caused from a blocked drain due to a build-up of coffee granules, bits of paper towel and milk fat. To clear a blockage, remove the drip tray to get access to the waste box underneath, remove the cap and diffuser screen, remove any build-up and the waste should clear.

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