Autumn’s Essential Top 6 Syrups

As Autumn brings cold hands, the drink trends definitely turn more comforting and indulgent.

Less sugar-free, bikini body and more all-out bring me comfort – these are the syrups you’ll see in our flavour focus (download this month’s recipe’s here:

If you are looking for flavours to match the mood, these syrups are perfect and we’ll be sharing a selection of recipes on our social media too, so keep your eyes peeled – and if you have any of your own creations, share them with us.

Here’s just some of the season’s flavours that are simply perfect for cold hands:

Pumpkin Spice – the Must Have for pre-Halloween

Gingerbread – from Bonfire Night to December, the warming treat

Chai – the Eastern indulgence

Chilli – extra lovely when paired with hot chocolate

Toffee Apple – Good Old Fashioned November fun

S’Mores – The Yankee Marshmallow Favourite

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