Argies Staff Complete COVID-19 Prevention Training

Keen to play their part in keeping our customers safe, Argies staff have all successfully completed COVID-19 protection training and are able to offer advice and support to our customers as Wales returns to work.

Sales Director, Jo Parry, explains:

“Having proudly supplied the NHS, Police and other frontline workers throughout the pandemic, and having seen first hand the impact that the virus has had on these services, as well as the huge impact that lockdown has had on our other customers, the team is keen to help customers get back to trading, but we must do this in a sustainable way that will prevent a second wave and the need for another lockdown.

“We therefore made the decision to train every member of the team so that our customers can have confidence, both in knowing that we are taking every possible precaution to keep them safe, but also to ensure that we remain a trusted source of advice and support in these challenging times.

“Of course, we can still advise our customers on how to serve the best coffee in South Wales – we can now comfortably also advise on the best single use products to serve it in during the current climate.

“To find out more, or ask any questions, just get in touch with our team.”

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