Argie’s Coffee recognise that many of our products and services have the potential to affect the surroundings in which we operate, it is our policy to manage our activities in a responsible manner.

We recognise the area of sustainability is constantly evolving and as a result we review our practices and procedures regularly. Argie’s Coffee sustainability initiatives date back to 1999 when we started to work with the Fairtrade Foundation.

This policy has the following objectives where we can have the greatest impact:

· Ingredients 

· Energy 

· Water

· Packing

· Waste and recycling 

· Distribution and transport 

We will comply with applicable legislation, regulations, and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes.

We are committed to the protection of the environment, including pollution prevention and other environmental issues.

Argie’s Coffee continues to work on improving environmental management, performance and sustainability where possible, while balancing the needs of customers, employees and the environment now and for the future.

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