November 2019

Speculoos is a deliciously biscuity flavour that lends itself perfectly to a wide range of drinks – and as the temperature drops, warm treats are the way forward (but don’t panic – there are some cold drinks for the die-hard frappe fans too!) Check out this recipe collection to make best use of this perfect […]

This super-indulgent drink will attract a high premium, but you’ll find it sells surprisingly easily to guests of all ages, it’s the perfect drink for people who like cold drinks but don’t like cold weather. Watch the video to learn how to make this delightful seasonal special – with our love!

A delicious biscuity, chocolatey latte – and very easy to make, just watch the helpful video below (call our superstar Jo if you need any of the ingredients)

Winter is the perfect time to brighten up your hot drinks offering. People are in the mood to warm up and treat themselves and it’s the ideal time to tap into that. For the latest Winter drinks, click on the link below to check out more November drink ideas from Sweetbird:

Another delicious warm drink for people who don’t drink coffee (we were surprised to learn that too!)

Check out our drink of the month for November, the amazing Caramel Ginger White Chocolate… you know you want one!

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